Job Seeker Services

Skills Assessment
During a community based assessment, you will experience working at a local business for a brief period of time. This will identify your strengths and needs to make recommendations for future planning.

Career Exploration
Career exploration is used to help you determine what type of job you want. You will visit various businesses and conduct informational interviews with employees performing jobs you are interested in. You may also have the opportunity to job shadow to observe the other individual performing the job tasks associated with the identified occupation.

Resume and Application Assistance
Direct Link's staff will help you develop a professional resume and complete and submit job applications at businesses that you would like to work at.

Interview and Job Readiness Training
Direct Link's staff will arrange mock interviews to help you prepare for a real job interview. They will also help you learn any skills needed to prepare you for working in the community.

Customized Job Placements
Your success is our primary goal. Direct Link's professional staff specialize in finding jobs that fit an individual's skills and strengths.

Transportation Assistance
Direct Link will assist you in arranging transportation to and from work if needed.

Job Coaching to Help you Succeed
Job Coaching provides you with one-on-one instruction once you have been hired by an employer to help you learn job tasks, develop natural and peer supports, and to adjust to your work environment.

Ohio Certified Direct Link Staff to Assist You
All Direct Link staff are OOD/DODD certified and have gone through specialized training to better assist you.

Community Employment Follow-Along Services
Once you have completed 90 days of employment, a Direct Link staff person will periodically check in on you to see how you are doing.