Nick Higham

Sara Flynn

Nick enjoying is "Wonderful World of Work" - parking lot maintenance!

            Two years after high school graduation, Nick decided he wanted to enter the “wonderful world of work”.  Nick chose Direct Link as his provider. 

            Nick completed a Community Based Assessment, where he flashed his work skills.  After discussing his areas of interest, a position of “lot maintenance” became available at the McDonald’s in McKinley Heights in Niles.  Nick toured the job site, had a successful interview and was offered employment.  Nick felt this was a great fit for him and something he would enjoy doing, so he accepted the offer. 

            Nick is still currently working at McDonald’s and enjoys every minute of his “wonderful world of work”.

Preparing Hospital Baby Blankets to be folded

Paris Linen / Sara Flynn

Sara at work at Paris Linen

Operating the "Folding Machine"

After Sara’s graduation she gave a position in Housekeeping a try but decided it was not for her.  During the course of reviewing her employment goals she took a tour with Direct Link to Paris Linen in Ravenna.  Paris Linen completes commercial laundry/linen services.   Once she observed the job she felt working at Paris Linen would be great fit for her.  While at work some of her duties are quality control, which is placing hospital linens into the folding machines and quality inspection in preparation for shipping.  Sara is enjoying working at Paris Linen.

McDonald's - McKinley Heights - Niles Nick Higham